International Course in Contemporary Art

Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts-Goldsmiths College, London / Tihany, Hungary 15.09-05.10 2003


The course focuses on helping artists to reach a heightened understanding of their work in a wider artistic, cultural and theoretical context. Our aim is to encourage and develop the production of new works, ideas and concepts through giving access to a tutorial, seminar and workshop programme from an international field of teaching staff drawn from Goldsmiths College, London, the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts,
Budapest as well as invited internationally renowned artists. The International Course in Contemporary Art is a collaborative research initiative between the Visual Arts Department at Goldsmiths College and the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts. Lecturers from both universities have the opportunity to develop their research
through an artist-in-residency programme, that can involve studio practice, curating, exhibiting and academic writing as well as being key figures of the teaching team in Tihany. This new relationship is hoped to continue and develop through communication and debate into something new, that is beneficial for students, tutors
and lecturers.

Beáta Veszely, Course Leader of the International Course in Contemporary Art, Tihany. She is an artist living in London and in Hungary. Her research theme is the horse-human symbiotic relationship, as a paradigm for being-in-the-world and in relation to new technologies. The invited lecturers from Goldsmiths College, London
are Kate Smith and Susan Taylor artists and lecturers on the MA and PhD in Fine Art courses and Dr. Suhail Malik, Course Leader of the Postgraduate Fine Art Critical Studies. Kate Smith is interested where fantasy and reality intersect, and works across media. Susan Taylor's main focus is in photographs, performativity, art-as-
verb: function, improvisation, dematerialisation and reading. Suhail Malik's main research interest is in contemporary art's relationship with democracy and the new technologies. Dr. Suhail Malik's main research interest is in contemporary art's relationship with democracy and the new technologies. David Wilkinson is an artist living in London and in Hungary. His work centres around the construction and reworking of forms taken from places that we inhabit. János Sugár, lecturer of the Intermedia Department at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest. The artist is generating content in visual art with the help of nonsense structures. Orshi Drozdik is a New York based Hungarian artist, presently living in Rome. She is an artistic researcher of the female identity within the portstructuralist strategy. Ákos Birkás is a painter, who has lived and worked abroad for several years, he recently moved back to Hungary. His main research interest is in the figuration within painting and the portrait in contemporary art. Dr. György Altomáre is the Senior Consultant of
Neuropsychiatry at the National Health Service Centre in Budapest. His relevant research areas are: personality, creativity in relation to the contemporary arts. János Szoboszlai is an art historian and curator of the acb Gallery in Budapest. The title of his lecture is 'Waiting for Godot: The Institutional Frame of Contemporary Art in Hungary in the 1990s'. Katalin Timár is a writer and curator at the Ludwig Museum Budapest - Museum of Contemporary Art. Her main fields of interests are contemporary art and theory with a special focus on postcolonial and gender theories, as well as photography.

16/09 Tuesday 11-12 am lecture: Kate Smith
17/09 Wednesday 11-12 am lecture: János Sugár
18/09 Thursday 11-12 am lecture: János Szoboszlai
19/09 Friday 11-12 am lecture: David Wilkinson
21/09 Sunday 8- pm video night
22/09 Monday 11-12 am lecture: Ákos Birkás
23/09 Tuesday 11-12 am lecture: Orshi Drozdik
24/09 Wednesday 11-12 am lecture: Susan Taylor
25/09 Thursday 11-12 am lecture: Katalin Timár
26/09 Friday 11-12 am lecture: Beáta Veszely
28/09 Sunday 8- pm video night
29/09 Monday 11-12 am lecture: György Altomáre
30/09 Tuesday 11-12 am lecture: Suhail Malik
04/10 Saturday 2-9 pm OPEN DAY, exhibition and reception with Lisa Prior's video
Video Nights:
Each weekend a public video-screening programme will be held of international
artists' works.
Open Day:
This will be an open studio event and group exhibition of show works by all
participants of the course, students as well as lecturers. There will be discussions on
the course and video-screening programmes on international artists works. American
artist Lisa Prior, will show her video programme from London. This day will be the
final event of the course as well as the open celebration and reception of this new
programme at the Hungarian Academy.

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