One-Year International Painting Course

Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest 2005/2006

Designed for students of all nationalities. The instruction aims at giving students the necessary tools for mastering their field, assisting them to find their own personal language in painting, and teaching them to examine their own work in the context of both tradition and contemporary art.

Program of the course

The nature of the program is primarily practical (rather than theoretical), and is comprised of individual tutorials, independent studio work, workshops and discussions. The course is based on traditional academic artistic studies, the main classes being: drawing, painting, artistic anatomy and traditional painting techniques.
Students will be offered possibilities to attend courses in other departments of the institute, though should be aware that all lectures at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts are in Hungarian.
The language of teaching is German and English.

Instructor: Professor Ándrás Halász
Teaching assistant: Zsombor Barakonyi

Support services include a library (with Internet access) and several exhibition spaces within the University. Participants will be provided a student card (reduced price for public transport, admission to museums) and sports facilities are also available. There are weekly Hungarian language lessons offered to all international students free of charge. The Hungarian University of Fine Arts is a participating member of the international ERASMUS network and facilitates exchanges with up to 20 European partner institutions of higher learning. This means, that at any given time of the academic year there is a significant number of international exchange students studying at the university. This provides Painting Course students to integrate not only into the Hungarian student body but to also meet fellow international students from the various departments of the University.

Schedule of the 2005 autumn semester: 25 October - 17 December. Spring semester begins on 5 January and ends in mid May.

Tuition fees amount to 550 Eur/month. The total for the course is 3300 EUR (6 months? study).

Further information
International Office, Zsófia Rudnay
Tel: 00 36 1 478 0980
Fax: 00 36 1 478 0981

The Hungarian University of Fine Arts, the most important and longest-standing art institution in Hungary, provides the highest level of training in all areas of fine art, and is an exemplary institution in the region. One of the main attractions of the University is the fact that besides incorporating new media into the curriculum, it continues teaching traditional artistic techniques and methods offering courses like artistic anatomy and traditional drawing practice.
The central building is located on the most elegant avenue of Pest connecting the Danube Bank with the City Park. The other main site, Epreskert (Mulberry Garden), where the international painting course will be situated, is only a few minutes from the main building and comprises numerous studios and specialised workshops.