Exhibition spaces

Barcsay Hall

1062. Budapest,  Andrássy út 69.

Opening hours: weekdays 10-18 h
The exhibitions are free of charge.

Barcsay Hall is located at 69 Andrássy út, in the former Art Hall  building. The space, which has a centuries-old tradition of exhibitions, still plays an important role in representing the university, as it is the only large-scale exhibition space in Hungarian higher art education, and it plays a prominent role on both national and international level.

The themes of Barcsay Hall's programmes may be outlined as follows: 

  • Diploma exhibitions and university student competitions
  • Presentation of the unique collection belonging to the Library of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts and its new context
  • Thanks to the University's excellent relations with national and international cultural and educational institutions - various short and long-term programmes, contemporary art exhibitions in cooperation with foreign universities, museums and institutions
  • Presentation of the work of Hungarian and foreign masters in line with the educational concept of the University

Exhibition coordinator: Tekla Uszkay (exhibitions@mke.hu)

Lobby Area

1062. Budapest,  Andrássy út 69.

Opening hours: weekdays 10-18 h

In addition to being linked to the Barcsay Hall for large-scale exhibitions, the University's Lobby Area is also a showcase for the MKE Departments. Here, visitors can see outstanding student works from the academic year. 

Exhibition coordinator: Tekla Uszkay (exhibitions@mke.hu )

Kondor Béla Gallery

1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 71, 1st floor, corridor

Opening hours: weekdays 10-18 h

Kondor Béla Gallery is primarily a venue for graphic art exhibitions. In addition to regular exhibitions of the work of students of graphic design, it also hosts solo and collective professional exhibitions, as well as a solo exhibition of the Graphic Artist of the Year.

Parthenon-Frieze Hall

1063 Budapest, Kmety György u. 26-28.

Opening hours: weekdays 10-18 h, Saturdays 10-13 h

Building III, located at the end of the Epreskert of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, currently houses not only sculpture studios, but also the Parthenon-Frieze, an exhibition hall of the Department of Sculpture. The aim of the exhibition space is to create an exhibition facility where students, foreign students, graduates and other artists, mostly sculptors, can present their current work. This is important both for educational considerations and to make the university more open to the outside world and to visitors during the academic year.

Exhibition coordinator: Botond Polgár


1063 Budapest, Kmety György u. 26-28.

Opening hours: weekdays 10-18 h, Saturdays 10-13 h

In the middle of the Epreskert of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts stands the former Calvary of Józsefváros, built between 1744 and 1749 designed by András Mayerhoffer. The monument was saved by sculptor Alajos Stróbl, who had it transferred stone by stone and set it up in the garden in 1894. The building is a circular Calvary chapel with a 12-axis arcade, surrounded by a 10-step, open-worked stone double-arched entrance. The light source for the unique interior is provided by the illuminated window at the top of the building. The site provides regular exhibition opportunities for students of the Sculpture Department.

Coordinator: Péter Gálhidy (galhidy.peter@mke.hu )

MKE - PROFIL Gallery and Function Room

1024 Budapest, Margit körút 25/A

In October 2021, the Hungarian University of Fine Arts (MKE) and the 2nd District Cultural Nonprofit Ltd. signed a contract for the use of the empty space on the ground floor of the building at 1024 Budapest, Margit körút 25/A, formerly used as a shop, in the framework of the Margit Quarter programme. The cooperation is for one year. The purpose of the use of the space is to exhibit the works of MKE students and to host events related to contemporary art.

Coordinator: János Szoboszlai, MKE, Associate Professor